The proposed Hereford Ring Road has provoked a lively discussion over recent years with no resolution.

If Hereford were designed today, there would be a circular inner and an outer ring road.

This would allow ease of access to all parts of the city in an efficient manner, allow segregation of traffic and people and also allow all through traffic to avoid the centre of town.

Despite our wishes, traffic will only increase in years to come due to increasing population and people avoiding public transport due to Covid-19.

Increased traffic means increasing traffic jams and pollution.

Everyone will either be affected by the traffic fumes or know someone who is.

The pollution is insidious.

Nitrogen oxides impair lung function and the PM2.5 particulates are particularly insidious as they can lodge in the lungs and even pass through the alveoli lining into the bloodstream and pass to other internal organs.

People in Hereford have a choice. Gridlock and pollution or shorter journey times and less pollution.

It is also puzzling why the ring road is not also planned for the east of the city as this is the main communication route to the main population centres of the country, and a fast route to the motorway system would seem to be essential for development in Hereford, especially with the Rotherwas industrial area.

Graham Saunders

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