Herefordshire Council is not fit for purpose. It is not listening to businesses or the majority of citizens of this county.

Their new traffic measures increase the problems facing businesses and vulnerable people.

Councillor John Harrington appears to be confused. One week he says the city needs another river bridge, the next week he closes one.

We have five river bridges within the city, only two of them can carry traffic, so we now have four of those bridges giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists.

Why not add to the mayhem and close Victoria Bridge where social distancing is impossible?

The current administration believes its current plan is helping vulnerable people and businesses, it is not.

They need to listen carefully to the majority of citizens and not to the single-minded minorities who were not elected to run our city.

Money is being spent destroying our city for the sake of it. Walk along Barton Road, Greyfriars Avenue, Edgar Street and look at the weeds growing along the pavements.

Is this how the council wants to showcase Hereford to visitors? No, they introduce unnecessary cycle and bus lanes, close roads and bridges, put 20mph speed limits on roads where traffic is almost stationary most of the time.

Garry Cullen