THEY never fail to attract hundreds of punters each week and are well known for serving up fairly cost-effective pub grub.

Wetherspoon, which has three pubs in Herefordshire, continues to be a popular choice for many.

On TripAdvisor, hundreds of people have been sharing their opinions on the highs and lows of their 'Spoons' visit.

A mix of reviews based on food, service, value and atmosphere make for some interesting reading from one of the UK's biggest pub chains.

Here are some of the best and worst Wetherspoons review for The Kings Fee in Commercial Road, Hereford, which has an average of three-and-a-half stars out of five.

For fairness we've included both positive and negative reviews. Of the 255 left by customers, 61 are excellent, 71 very good, 54 average, 32 poor and 37 terrible.

Table hoggers and coffee drinkers

One unhappy customer said: "What I hate about this Spoons is people who hog tables for four who drink coffee for F all.

"This must lose you business.

"Even if you sit in their favourite space you are made to feel uncomfortable so we go next door to Yates's and eat."

'You only get 12 chips'

Giving the Kings Fee four stars, one customer said: "Yes I like Wetherspoons, but come on if you only get 12 chips with a burger what's the point?

"Keep the free drink and for food eaters' sake put a decent amount of chips on the plate because when you have to buy extra then the place is too expensive.

'Cannot fault in any way'

A thrilled customer said: "Called in at this Wetherspoons after seeing the Flying Scotsman stop at the local station - very impressed with restoration.

"The Kings Fee was a great pub - very welcoming and the usual good selection of beers, ales and wines and excellent menu.

"Good location in city - cannot fault in any way.

"Well worth a visit."

'The garden was full of wasps'

Another four-star review said: "Popped in for a bit of lunch, the service is quick and the place is clean.

"Standard Wetherspoons fare, the staff were really friendly but the garden was full of wasps – might be unfair to blame Wetherspoon for that, though."

'The best Wetherspoons we've used to date'

A thrilled diner left a five star review and said: "We needed a place to eat during an overnight stay in Hereford and decided to find the local Wetherspoons having used others in our own area.

"This was the best Wetherspoons we have used to date, the facility has a high standard of décor, the exterior garden is well presented and a pleasure to sit in.

"We visited twice during the day using the garden for drinks and dining inside, both areas were clean well presented and a pleasure to relax in. The service was excellent and the quality of both food and drinks was good.

"The atmosphere was very good and it was interesting to see the number of families using this location for dining.

"The value for money is as usual top of the pile and competes in all respects with far more expensive venues."

'Couldn't be happier'

Another customer said: "I managed to get a whole burger and chips, a large garlic share bread and a drink for just over £9!

"I was absolutely stuffed and didn't burn a hole in my wallet.

"The lovely Cherry served us with a big smile and made sure we got everything we needed. Couldn't be happier. Really nice food for the price."

'With us girls being Welsh, we were enjoying our time'

"We came to The Kings Fee for a friend's birthday, the staff were extremely rude.

"We arrived at 12pm and by 5pm they were refusing to serve us any more drinks - due to us being rowdy.

"Understandable that we may have been a little loud, but, this is a pub not a library.

"The rugby was shown on all TVs around the facility, and with us girls being Welsh, we were enjoying our time.

"We definitely will not be returning, God forbid if any hen parties were to go to this pub and try to to enjoy themselves. Disgusting."

Wetherspoons is like a 'second home'

In a handful of reviews from college students, one said: "Me and my friends practically call Spoons our second home and all our visits are made thoroughly enjoyable by the one and only Julie.

"She is honestly the most lovely woman I’ve ever met and is constantly checking on us to see if we’re okay or need anything, she truly goes above and beyond."

'Great time had by all'

Another customer said: "Went for breakfast with my wife and five-year-old.

"The staff were very friendly and were great with my son.

"Food was great price and when they forgot part of my order they were very apologetic and fixed it straight away.

The usual Wetherspoons decor and layout. Great time had by all.

'The doorman yelled at me'

One disgruntled patron said: "I travelled from Birmingham to come to this 'wonderful Wetherspoons' however I was met with High disappointment.

"The door man/security yelled at me and my partner to wait five minutes meanwhile the place was deserted. We come in and seat ourselves order on the app, a moody looking gentlemen gave us our drinks and insisted on seeing ID even though we are in our mid 20s.

"Although it is a legal requirement so I completely understood, he refused to give me the other drink I ordered and poured it away. I went to the bar to ask for a refund however he shouted no. I found this ridiculous, as he wouldn’t even speak to me and tell me why. A classic example of a coward.

"I asked if I could have the drink that I paid for he said no. I needed to drink my drink that was on the table and bring the empty glass back and then get the other drink. 

"I am absolutely appalled at the manner I was spoken to and can assure you that I will never return to this establishment. I am disappointed, offended and to be honest this has frankly ruined my weekend."