I MUST congratulate the council and planning department for their new traffic management scheme and parking in Bridge Street, King Street and Broad Street which will enable all able-bodied citizens to park out of town and walk or cycle into Hereford city centre.

I sincerely hope that all departments have conducted an in-depth survey to prove that at least 90 per cent of Herefordians are fit and able or love cycling.

This can be the only excuse for this hare-brained scheme which directly discriminates against the less able and disabled citizens.

I am in my 70s and my husband has a brain tumour and requires a wheelchair for any distances.

We used to enjoy parking in disabled bays near the Green Dragon Hotel in Broad Street, then into High Town, M&S and a coffee shop with disabled loos and then up pigeon poo alley into the delightful Church Street, always spending money at these truly wonderful independent shops.

Sadly, disabled parking has now been much reduced, and is now only at the end of Broad Street by the library.

So sorry, our independent shops, another regular customer lost solely due to your council’s ill-thought out plans.

Jenny Layton