I am appalled by the amount of litter on our streets.

I spent an hour picking some of it up today in just a small area.

And I’ll do it again; cans, bottles, crisp packets, blue gloves, fag packets, face masks, sandwich wraps, polystyrene packs, broken bottles, coffee cups…

Who are these uncool trash-heads who do this? How can anyone just throw things away?

Is it you?

Would you do the same at home?

I am also appalled that most people walk past (on the same side), seem to take no notice, seldom pick it up and carry it those few yards to the nearest bin.

It’s not hard. Doesn’t take much time, just a sec or two.

You only need to pick up one or two things. Why not have a bag with you just in case.

Come on folks!

This is our city; take more care of it.

John Brookes