I WAS made aware a few days ago that our Prime Minister had paid a short visit to Hereford County Hospital. Clearly this visit was kept quiet.

As we live in a democracy, albeit one in decline, I believe the public should have been informed so that we could have questioned Mr Johnson on issues that are currently of great national importance.

At the very least he may have been able to reassure me regarding my anxieties about what I take to be an incompetent and corrupt government.

I would certainly have asked him about £12 million spent buying 150 million unusable masks for health workers from an offshore company with no history of supplying medical equipment, £6 million on coronavirus tests that didn’t work, £12 million on a failed app. Further, I would have appreciated advice on why we now have a Minister, Mr Jenrick, who appears to ignore building regulations and a Home Secretary who spends a disproportionate amount of her time criticising American ice cream.

Mr Johnson is after all our Prime Minister and accountable to us all.

Stephen Grist

Monnington on Wye