I was confused reading MP Jesse Norman’s Talking Point last week.

As a former transport minister who often cites his enthusiasm for cycleways and the need for active travel, surely he should be supporting Herefordshire Council’s efforts to introduce pop-up cycleways for the good of our health (both preventing spread of coronavirus and in tackling obesity – a Government priority) and for the good of the environment.

We are getting mixed messages from him.

At the same time as he complains that the council has "imposed traffic and pedestrian controls in the city centre" and criticises "drastic measures in King Street", he makes the following claim in a letter to a constituent: "Personally, as a minister I have vigorously promoted offshore wind and other renewables, launched the Road to Zero strategy to decarbonise transport, and strongly supported cycling and walking investment".

So which is it? Is Mr Norman a leader or is he a fence sitter? Is he going to help decarbonise transport? He is uniquely placed to do so as Minister for National Infrastructure.

It was never going to be easy to encourage people out of their cars.

We need our MPs to show leadership, not carp at the council and pretend they are making irrational decisions about removing parking spaces.

He ends his piece by saying "we need to bring the talents, ideas and energy of people across Herefordshire to develop shared plans".

Well, Mr Norman, the council is ready, we are ready … are you?

Bryony John