Surely what Hereford needs very urgently is customers, shoppers, people.

Two-thirds of us live outside the city, and if you show us that we are not wanted, that we are resented, that you wish we would go away, then we or our money will go elsewhere, or stay at home. We are getting accustomed to that, we’ve had practice, it can be done.

The city needs cars and their drivers. It needs car parks, it needs toilets, and it needs to be welcoming and pleasant to visit.

How many extra cyclists do they need to make the city viable again?

Many, many thousands, I would guess. Do they or any of your readers actually, honestly believe they will get them?

If the fond dream is that cycles will reduce congestion. Please take a look at Broad Street right now. Just stand and look.

The car is not your enemy. It is your only hope.

Paul Young