I WRITE in response to the article (August 13) entitled “Johnson throws support behind Hereford bypass”:

He suggests the proposed bypass “will make people’s lives easier”: there is no evidence that the proposed bypass will alleviate traffic congestion. It will however generate more pollution and the consequential damage to health.

Building extra roads will be contrary to the Council’s policy to achieve a zero carbon county.

Mr Johnson is reported to have said that it is “the Council’s privilege and democratic right to reflect on the bypass scheme” (presumably referring to the current bypass review): should we thank him for this somewhat patronising advice?

He says he believes in good infrastructure across the whole of the UK. Of course, this is to be applauded, but new infrastructure should be forward-looking and underpin the creation of modern sustainable transport schemes and not just be an outdated knee-jerk presumption that road construction will address traffic congestion.

Anthony Priddle