WHEN their 15-year-old son suddenly had a seizure a Hereford couple were wracked with anxiety.

But thanks to a nurser on the Children's Ward at Hereford County Hospital, they had someone to 'hold their hand' and ease their worries.

And now that 15-year-old is much better, having been diagnosed with epilepsy and being bale to manage his condition with drugs.

The boy's mother, who wants to remain private, has nominated Epilepsy Nurse Caroline Amos in two categories in the Hereford Times Health and Social Care Awards - Good Nurse and Children and Adolescent Care.

"When our son had a seizure in December for the first time, we could not fault Caroline for her support," said the grateful mum.

"She kindly gave us a mobile and email address and kept to her word about replying to queries or concerns.

'A hand holding ours'

"It was like having a hand holding ours for support during the first few months, as we came to terms with our sons condition.

"Our emails were answered thoroughly and with honesty. The most comforting thing she did say... It does get easier with time.

"Yes.we are still on tender hooks, but we are so more relaxed - and this reflects on our son who is more like his old self again.

"Caroline is professional but also portrayed true care for both patient and family members. She also explains things extremely well and does not hesitate to repeat if you do not understand fully.

"She also spoke to our son as a person, rather than over him.

"Thank you Caroline x."

  • Entires are still open for the awards - but you need to move quickly to nominate someone for recognition as the closing date is August 21.

It's quick and easy to nominate someone - just go to https://www.herefordtimes.com/awards/healthandsocialcare/ and fill in a form.

The categories are: Health Care Team; Care Hero; Care Home Worker; Domiciliary Home Worker; Good Nurse; Care Trainer; Child and Adolescent Health; Dementia Carer; Palliative/End of Life; Mental Health; Health Care Employer; GP Practice of the Year