Much as I enjoy reading the Hereford Times and its Letters pages, I was even more delighted by Opinion (August 6).

What a thoughtful, well-expressed piece by Lola Cook about the need for wider consideration of the present proposals to counter obesity if healthy attitudes to food are to be developed.

It is below Jesse Norman’s column headed, ‘People must have their say’.

But how do we enable reasoned debate without the ability to access facts?

I believe there is growing recognition of the need for some sort of civic centre – somewhere people are welcome to view and discuss all the possibilities of public policy and information.

Positive views and commitment would be encouraged.

Such a building could be shared with voluntary organisations and be a real community centre, run by trustees.

I suggest it would make ‘consultations’ more generally accessible – and more meaningful to all, rather than filled in online at home.

May I suggest that the Maylord Shopping Centre would be a great place to give it a try?

Barbara Ferris