The proposed infrastructure and transport plan for Hereford will continue to fail the citizens who live and work here.

In order to retain power the current coalition council is willing to spend our money pandering to minority groups. Why would cycle lanes in St Owens Street or Broad Street be a priority or even necessary?

The council were elected to deliver for the majority of citizens who live and work in and around the city.

The town is a muddle of cones and barriers, many of the pavements around the city are weed ridden.

Damage to fencing along the footpaths near the old bridge has not been fixed.

The main road to Fownhope has been closed for months. The streets are often covered with litter.

Councillor Harrington, the cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, who represents wards several miles from Hereford, talks about a new river bridge and planting trees as being the answer to our problems.

What a waste of money. This is not Prague, the town needs an eastern bypass, which will of course include a bridge.

Garry Cullen