Ben & Jerry's have explained why millions across the UK and around the world have been storing their ice cream 'incorrectly'.

The ice cream manufacturer has revealed that storing it in a specific way helps to keep it fresh and prevent freezer burn.

What is the right way to store my ice cream?

Ben & Jerry’s website states that the "right way" to store their ice cream is to keep it placed upside down in your freezer.

Apparently this will stop their product developing freezer burn which can make it 'dehydrated and oxidised'.

Hereford Times:

The website has explained this phenomenon: "Over time, ice evaporates.

"As the moisture leaves the ice cream and joins forces with moist ambient air, it refreezes on the ice cream's surface, creating the tell-tale crystals that indicate freezer burn."

Hereford Times:

The brand also suggests keeping your tubs stored right at the back of the freezer tray in order to limit contact with warm air when you open the freezer.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream experts also clarify that the best freezer temperature for ice cream storing is below 0°F, or -17°C.

So to keep your ice cream in tip top shape try turning your freezer dial to the coldest setting possible.

What should I do before eating the ice cream?

However, this will make the ice cream pretty solid.

So, if you want your tub to soften up a bit before eating, the experts suggest leaving it on the counter “for a few minutes”.

They also warn against using the microwave to defrost your tub as this “zaps the ice cream’s delicate structure”.

Does freezer burn make ice cream unsafe?

While freezer burn may ruin the consistency of your ice cream, it is nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of the product.

However, Ben & Jerry's have issued this new advice as they claim their ice cream simply tastes better when stored properly.

"What you're left with is a concoction that's icy, crunchy and kinda yucky," they added.