The other day I was late for an appointment in Hereford so, instead of cycling from Wormbridge along the Sustrans cycle route through Kilpeck, I cycled along the A465.

In the middle of the day it was an easy cycle ride but it would not be pleasant during the busy times of the working day. I noticed there is a wide verge all the way from Wormbridge to Belmont which could easily be converted into a cycle route.

Cycling on the Sustrans route is ideal for the leisure cyclist but is not practical for the regular commuter. A direct route into the city from the south west of the county would encourage people to cycle to work, school and college from Ewyas Harold and Wormbridge.

This route would be easy and fairly quick and would have health benefits as well as helping to relieve traffic congestion on the Belmont Road. This would surely be good use of some of the money the Government has allocated for the promotion of cycling.

Diana Palmer