IT takes a special person to handle palliative, end-of-life care.

Helen Williams is such a person, according to her colleague Vicky Davies.

The two, who work for the Bluebird home care agency in Hereford, are both previous winners in the Hereford Times Health and Social Care Awards.

Vicky won the Domiciliary Carer award last year, while Helen won the same award in 2018.

Now Vicky has nominated Helen, but this time in the palliative care category.

In the last two years Helen has become one of the first people to be called upon at Bluebird for palliative care because she has a special way with her clients and their families.

"She's just fantastic. She takes it all in her stride. And she genuinely cares.

"She is great for the rest of us. Nothing gets her down and she is always a shoulder to cry on. She can always lighten the room.

"It is not only her clients who rely on her, her colleagues do too."

Do you know a carer, health worker or organisation who deserve to be acknowledged for their dedication and professionalism and caring?

Nominations for the Health and Social Care Awards are open until August 21 and are easy to do online at

The award ceremony – digital this year because of Covid - will take place in October.

Categories are: Health Care Team; Care Hero; Care Home Worker; Domiciliary Worker; Good Nurse; Care Trainer; Child and Adolescent health care; Dementia Carer; Palliative/End of Life care;Mental Health; Care Employer; GP Practice of the Year.