I am fortunate to have been resident in Herefordshire for over 30 years.

Our county has much to offer.

As with everything, there is a need for balance, between maintaining a peaceful, meandering rural life and ensuring growth and opportunities for our community and the economy.

Over the decades our county has slowly evolved and adapted to the changes made by each new administration.

I believe each party has had Herefordshire and its people at the heart of its decision making, but none more so than the current coalition.

What I find unpalatable is the politics of our time. The playground bad mouthing that is hearsay and not based on fact.

To the current administration, whom I do believe are trying to make real changes in line with local needs and government-required targets, please communicate with us. Please explain if there is no money for something.

Please tell us why a bridge is closed and what the benefits will be.

Don’t leave it to the negative voices of ousted administrations and social media bandwagons with their own agendas to misinform our county.

Marie Taylor