Bill Wiggin is behaving like a spoilt child who hasn’t won the sweetie bag at the party. He can’t cope with the change of control of Herefordshire Council after decades of a Tory majority; I don’t recall him making adverse comments about those councils.

Now he can’t resist criticising the new council as in 'Repairs should go ahead (July 30)'.

No doubt he will defend himself by arguing that he is doing his duty in trying to help his constituents, certainly one of his obligations as an MP. I want to know how far his concerns about his constituents reach and who he selects to help?

Since 2010 the policies of the Tory government have resulted in significant increases in the numbers of individuals and families in his constituency striving to survive on incomes below the poverty line.

What help has he provided to protect them from the effects of his government’s austerity measures?

His voting record in Parliament shows that he consistently voted against paying higher benefit rates to people unable to work long-term because of illness or disability; he voted in favour of reducing benefits; he voted to reduce funding to local councils thereby reducing their ability to help and support local people and drove down school budgets making it difficult for them to provide the extra help so needed by some of their children.

And what is he doing now to help us all to keep healthy in the face of a frightening pandemic that the government has failed to respond to with any semblance of good management?

What is he doing to ensure that local farmers will not be seriously disadvantaged by trade deals that permit the import of cheap low quality food?

Is he voting in favour of removing the input of our elected councillors and members of the public to the plans of property developers to‘build, build, build’ all over this county?

Ros Bradbury