COUNTY transport chief John Harrington will meet Hereford councillors to discuss the temporary road closures in the city.

Herefordshire Council is introducing measures to help social distancing as the coronavirus lockdown is eased, shops re-open and people return to work

The Government has asked local councils to introduce the changes to give pedestrians and cyclists more space as cities and towns across the country slowly get back to normal.

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In Hereford, parts of King Street, Bridge Street and Broad Street have been cordoned off, vastly reducing the number of parking spaces on all three streets.

Aubrey Street has been closed at its junction with King Street, with painted white lines marking new parking spaces in front of the junction, and the Old Bridge has been closed to all vehicles except buses.

But the changes have been criticised by local people and businesses, with some concerned it could turn shoppers away.

Tupsley ward councillor Jim Kenyon called for the issue to be debated at the extraordinary full council meeting on Tuesday.

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His motion called for the temporary measures to be debated and, in light of the debate, ask council leaders to reconsider the changes.

But following a lengthy discussion he withdrew his motion as Coun Harrington promised he would hold a meeting with city councillors to address their concerns.

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Coun Harrington said: “Coun Kenyon has my assurance we will start with Hereford next week and we will do the other towns as the changes come online. I don’t think we have to vote on that, he has my word.”

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