LEDBURY Town Council is pleased to announce the completion of the refurbishment works to the war memorial in the High Street.

The works to the memorial were carried out by the Stone Workshop at a cost of just over £30,000.

Stuart Heaton, a former Ledbury resident who now lives in London, very kindly donated £30,000 toward the cost of the refurbishment, and a flag stone will be laid at the memorial thanking him for this very generous donation.

The works included the removal of the cobbled area around the memorial and its replacement with paving stones.

The base stones have been replaced with new and some work carried out on the plinth to repair the edges due to there being considerable damage.

On cleaning the spire it became apparent that the top section was in a poor condition and it was agreed that this would be replaced at an additional cost to the original quote, the cost of which would be borne by the town council.

An Aco drain system has been installed around the base of the memorial to help with water drainage and to help prevent future water damage and subsidence.

There are plans to hold a rededication of the war memorial, however this will now take place in 2021 to enable Mr Heaton to join the town for this and hopefully to enable more of the town to participate, once social distancing rules are hopefully relaxed.

There will be a ceremony of remembrance at the Memorial on VJ Day on Saturday, August 15, to remember those who lost their lives in the Far East during World War II.

This will consist of a small congregation of family members of those named on the memorial who lost their lives in the Far East, along with the town mayor and councillors and representatives of the Royal British Legion.