FOLLOWING the news and statement from Prime Minister, Boris Johnson that obesity increases vulnerability to the coronavirus, getting fit for the winter may be on your mind.

Student, Lucy Rabone, spoke to Lisa Quinn, personal trainer and owner of LT Fitness,Hereford, to find out more about how we can be healthy and increase our resilience.

Lisa said:"I have been a personal trainer for 15 years, but decided to start my own business, LT Fitness, in 2007.

"I kept training to fine tune my training into helping people fight obesity and diabetes.

“Many people who are obese, the numbers of which are unfortunately increasing, suffer with barriers, such as going to the gym, and exercising with others – they need help getting on track, as not knowing where to start can be quite overwhelming.

“With Total Health Club, the successful health management courses, I have helped clients to overcome obesity and lose a good amount of weight.

"This has sprung them forward into healthier lifestyles.

“The obesity and covid complications are to do with poor metabolic health.

"Reducing excess body fat will help, through exercise, which needs to go hand in hand with a good diet. When talking with clients, I look at their diet, and eliminate the sugars, such as in cakes, but also the hidden sugars.

“Increasing exercise will also make you feel better. Mental health issues, which have been uncovered more in lockdown, can be exacerbated by being obese, through lack of self-esteem. You need to feel that you are improving your health."

Lucy Rabone