Councillor Toynbee attacks Bill Wiggin and says he should know there are central government initiatives to make town centres more accessible to local people by removing on-street parking in shopping streets and timed road closures.

Councillor Toynbee and the Green Party support removing on-street parking and timed street closures in Broad Street, King Street and Bridge Street. How does this increase accessibility?

This would be an expensive and unmitigated disaster for business rate payers located in this area and the council tax payers of Hereford who use them. Older people and families with young children value existing vehicle access to Broad Street, King Street and Bridge Street. They visit the many essential businesses located in this area which include solicitors, estate agents, accountants, Nat West Bank, Chave & Jackson Pharmacy and a number of hospitality outlets.

The targeted streets and footpaths are wide, traffic is light. Do not waste taxpayers’ money. There are more important issues for the Council to deal with like building the by-pass and reducing the traffic lights. Councillor Toynbee should be more thoughtful of the majority of Hereford’s citizens who do not necessarily support her minority political views.

Garry Cullen