A care agency that goes further than the extra mile has been nominated for the Health Care Team award in this year's Hereford Times Health & |Social Care Awards.

Border Care in Kington have been nominated in this category by Sally Boyce, "Because the level of care they deliver is outstanding! The team doesn't just go the extra mile, more a Himalayan trek!

"Border Care provides an excellent service to those in need in the community, their due care and professionalism further complemented with a deep sense of trust and friendship among those they visit."

The team, led by manager Lorna Ross, support people who, because of increasing age, illness or disability, may need some extra help to manage their day-to-day lives.

"I have personal experience of Border Care's work," says Mrs Boyce. "Lorna Ross and her team continue to make my 99-year-old aunt's daily life so much happier.

"Border Care adopts a policy of working with the person and/or their family to achieve the best practice. Their professional approach means the service maintains regular contact with the medical profession, being on the alert when concerns about health or welfare arise and overall offering trust, dignity and confidentiality.

"In my experience, I have seen my elderly relative (who has dementia) look forward to Border Careâ's visits, enjoying their diligent care and friendship.

"They have talked to her about her younger life (to her great delight), even taking her out on drives around her old haunts.

"When she expressed a wish to visit a nearby pub to enjoy a gin and tonic, they duly obliged, giving her a pleasurable memory in safety.

"The Border Care team works thoroughly in unison, each client visit fully logged and any concerns raised swiftly addressed.

"As my 99-year-old aunt so often tells team members, You're so good to me! In her eyes they are angels."