SHOPPERS in Hereford have been largely abiding by the new face-covering rules which came into force in England from today (Friday).

One trader said some people in Hereford today had been wearing face-coverings while walking around the city centre, and most had been putting one on as they entered shops.

Giovanni Calandra, who owns Calandras menswear in Church Street, between High Town and Hereford Cathedral, said customers have been accepting of the new rules.

"I think there is a proactive attitude and people are very supportive of independent businesses in Hereford.

"I think these are still random times, people will support wearing masks to an extent."

He added: "I think people in Hereford have a lot of common sense and shop with intellectual thought. And respect to all our client base, I think they're fantastic, they're brilliant.

"People are very positive and you can see the majority of people wearing face masks now. I think for the greater good of the city people are abiding by the rules and the regs."

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David Baker was in one of the vulnerable groups which had to shield for 12 weeks at the start of the pandemic, and ever since he has been allowed out again, has worn a face covering.

The 68-year-old said that, while he doesn't like wearing a mask, it will help control the spread of the virus.

"In all the shops I've been in, Marks and Spencer, Poundland and McDonald's for my coffee, people have been fine," Mr Baker, from Winforton near Hay-on-Wye, said.

He added he has been taking his face covering off as soon as he walks out of the shops.

"It's not just me, I've just been in Marks and I'm getting out and there's customers behind me taking them off," he said.


The new rules, which if not followed could lead to a £100 fine, mean shoppers must wear a face covering in shops, cafes, and a number of other public places.

There are exemptions, such as children under the age of 11 or people with breathing conditions or other disabilities.

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The rules differ in Wales, where shoppers are not required to wear a face covering.

For Patricia Mounty, from Pontypool between Abergavenny and Cwmbran, it meant when shopping in Hereford on Friday she had to be aware of the differences between laws in England and Wales.

She said: "I've only been in one shop so far and I put one on.

"I knew you had to wear one, but I don't like it."

Face coverings should be worn in shops, takeaways and supermarkets, but are not compulsory in pubs, hairdressers or gyms.