9 YEAR old Abi Smith started her love of gardening at the age of just two.

Watching her dad and brother on their allotment at Linton Road, Gorsley.

Abi loved planting, weeding even getting muddy, from a very young age.

When Abi started at Ledbury primary school, she started to take lots of fresh produce from the allotment into school for the harvest celebration assembly.

Abi was proud of her produce and loved taking it in. She said:"It makes me so happy to know my fresh veg is going to the community.

"I wanted to do something special and I decided that I would grow veg on the plot for St Michaels Hospice.

"Last year during the 2019 summer holidays, I delivered my produce to the hospice and I got to have a walk around to see the work they do.

"It was amazing and touched me.

"I wanted to carry on growing my vegetables for the hospice.

" I have also been fundraising for them by displaying my pumpkins in two local shop windows in Ledbury town.

"Telling everyone about what I have been doing on the allotment for St Michaels hospice. "Asking for donations, I raised £100.

"I was so happy when our allotment said I could have the whole plot for this season to continue my community work for St Michael's Hospice.

"I have worked so hard on tidying the plot to grow my veg.

"I have planted lots of potatoes, pumpkins and squash. runner beans, parsnips lots more."

One generous donor was so touched by Abi's efforts, that she donated a greenhouse for Abi to use at home, enabling her to grow even more for the Herefordshire Hospice.

Abi went on to say:"I love the allotment to see it grow and I can do something very special to give to others.

"It makes me feel happy. I love helping out in the community.

"Mum And Dad give me a hand with the allotment but mainly I do it as if I'm the boss.

I am very passionate about what I try to do. I will continue to grow my vegetables to help St Michaels. And will also carry on fundraising."

Not content with working hard in the garden, Abi now wants to start another project alongside. Her hope is to make fundraising bandanas for dogs using her own sewing machine and donated fabric.

Tanya Smith, Abi's mum, said:"Abi absolutely loves helping others before herself.

"She already took two lovely delicious lots of fresh produce over the hospice this month in July. "We are so proud of Abi".

St Michael's Hospice Chief Executive, Mike Keel told us: "Abi has a heart of gold and for one so young she is an inspiration to all at St Michael’s.

"Her generosity is helping her Hospice continue to care for families at a time they need it most."