ONLY one of 23 local areas in Herefordshire reported new cases of coronavirus last week, new figures show.

The latest breakdown, area by area, shows where there were positive cases of Covid-19 found between July 13 and July 19.

The data is provided by Public Health England and looks at cases by 'Middle Super Output Area' - a type of statistical unit used in the reporting of small area statistics, with 23 of these areas in Herefordshire.


It provides figures for areas which have had three or more positive cases, so some areas not listed below may have had positive cases, but the number falls below three.

In Herefordshire, it was only Colwall, Cradley and Wellington Heath which saw new cases recorded.

Some 42 were recorded there, but are thought to be linked to to AS Green and Co - the farm which has been at the centre of a coronavirus outbreak.

Some 120 workers of around 220 at the vegetable producers in Mathon, near Ledbury, have so far tested positive for Covid-19.


But it was confirmed last Friday (July 17) by Herefordshire Council chief executive Alastair Neill that "around 70" were no longer infected and could return to work. This number was expected to increase over the weekend.

Meanwhile, health chiefs continue to say the risk to the wider public is low.