WITH reports across the UK of pubs being packed and struggling to keep to the new guidelines, we see a different side in Herefordshire for the majority.

This is a new situation for all, customers and businesses alike, but the public and landlords appear to be finding a way to make the regulations and advice work successfully for the majority.

Glyn Bufton, owner of The Bridge Inn, Michaelchurch Escley - "We have a great outdoor space, the addition of a marquee has been a fabulous addition to help space people.

"Masks are a nightmare in a hot kitchen as you can imagine, so we have added a outdoor wood fire oven so we can get outdoors cooking as mush as possible.

"No one likes sharing toilets so our yurts now have there own private toilets."

Charlie Allport of The Spread Eagle, Hereford - "So we've had to make a lot of changes in the pub, including one way systems social distancing, the seem to all be working.

"We are proud of every single customer that has stepped into the pub for respecting our rules and following all routes around.

"We think it has been very hard for the customers to get used to all these new changes.

"We would like to thank them all.

"We have found nothing at the moment has not worked.

"We are always asking customers about new ideas of how to make their visit safer and nothing has been mentioned to us.

"We have also made sure we are taking bookings for drinks as well as food just we can allocate tables to customers instead of them walking round the pub looking for a free table.

"This has worked really well and made our staff be organised."

Nicola Summerton, Landlady of The Dog Inn, Ewyas Harold - "Since reopening on the whole the measures we have put in place have worked well and most of the customers have been good at sticking to the rules.

"We have only had a few customers who have refused to give their details for tack and trace.

"Extra measures implemented are tape marking out areas on the floor in the main bar area.

"To limit congestion.

"And taping off one of the toilets to reduce the pitch point in the toilet area.

"We are spending a lot of the time cleaning tables, chairs and touch points between customers.

"On the whole trade has been been better than the weeks leading up to the beginning of the lock down, even though many locals have not been in yet."

Claire Nottage, Landlady of The Royal Arms, Llangrove - "It's working well for us juggling take aways with those coming in to eat and drink.

"Everyone is following the rules and is so understanding.

"We've themed the menu both Saturday evenings, burger night and a Mexican Night which folk have enjoyed and we have a good number of holiday makers who are having meals with us. "It's great seeing people socialising again albeit in smaller groups or from a distance.

"It's helped that the sun has been out both weekends so our patio has been full."

Nicola  Ratcliffe, Landlady of The Harewood End, between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye - "We have made lots of changes in order to make our pub as covid safe as possible.

"Initially we were worried that this might affect the experience for our customers eating and drinking at our pub however everyone seems to have welcomed the new polices we have put in place and shown respect to our staff.

"Our one way system is working well and having a large garden is definitely a bonus for successful social distancing.

"We just hope with time that our business will thrive again."

Gino Fulgoni, Landlord of The Temple Bar Inn, Ewyas Harold - "So we've been really busy right from the opening day, particularly with food as a lot of tourists that are visiting Wales are struggling to find places to eat.

"We spent the lockdown decorating and making improvements to the pub and the feedback we've had has been overwhelming. "Pretty much the whole village has come back to support us and to hear how appreciative they are of the changes we've made and the safety measures we've put in place, has been great.

"Even though the guidelines allowed a reduction to one metre plus, we stuck to two metres with our furniture as we wanted people to feel as safe as possible when they visited us. As well as implementing all the guidelines, we've also invested in a fogger which allows us to sanitise the whole building quickly at the end of the night.

"It's about making people feel safe.

"The customers have to have the confidence in us that we're doing all we can to keep them safe.

"We've also found the atmosphere has changed, if it was friendly and laid back before, it's even more so now.

"Everyone has respected the new rules, abided by them and some even say that they prefer them!

"We were one of the first to implement the ordering app and QTap that we chose have been fantastic in ironing out any problems we've had.

"At busy times it's proved indispensable for getting drinks to customers quickly.

"We spent a lot of time creating a beautiful outside courtyard that people can relax in and with the weather we've had over the weekend, our customers have been able to eat as well as drink outside.

"We've also signed up to the Eat Out to Help Out programme for August,and will be offering steaks and burgers on the different days.

"All in all, the first week back has been exceptional as well as humbling, hearing all the compliments from locals and tourists alike and we're confident that, as long as there is no infection spike, and that we keep people feeling safe, the fantastic support we get from our locals means that we can enjoy a good level of trade going forward."