A TEENAGER has been banned from most of a Herefordshire housing estate.

Tyrone George Ellis, aged 18, of Kingstone, was given a two-year criminal behaviour order that bans him from a large part of the Coldstone Cross area in Kingstone, and from acting in any way that is likely to cause alarm, distress and harassment.

The order was made at Hereford Magistrates Court.

The police local safer neighbour policing team in Kingstone have been working with partner agencies and the community to tackle low-level anti-social behaviour by a number of youths and young people that has blighted the quality of life of people who live there.

The police say they have listened to the concerns of residents, and where necessary have tackled the behaviour of the minority who have been causing problems directly with them and with the support of parents and guardians.

Ellis was found to be behind a lot of the problems, and despite being challenged several times, he continued acting in an anti-social aggressive manner towards others, as well as being an influence on other young people who tried to copy him, say police.

He had been given an interim criminal behaviour order at Herefordshire Magistrates Court in March this year after being convicted of assaulting a local youth. 

But since then he has been charged with breaching the court order and remanded to a detention centre until the full order was issued on July 2, 2020.

PC Jim Phillips, safer neighbourhood team member for West Merica Police rural south, said: “Tyrone Ellis would not listen, and despite the efforts of many he persisted in being a real problem and nuisance to many in this area. 

"His attitude towards authority and others was dreadful, and he acted as if he was beyond reproach by making many people scared by the way he was acting. 

"Shouting, swearing, abusing and harassing locals in the area was his normal behaviour, and when he was challenged by some he reacted on occasions by being both verbally and physically aggressive.

"The fact that this order is in place and was obtained with the support of many of the law-abiding residents of this housing estate is a reminder to all that anti-social behaviour, however trivial, does have an impact of the lives of many and that the police will listen to the concerns of the public and take court action.

"It is hoped that Tyrone Ellis will now turn his life around and start to act responsibly.”

The public are asked to report any breaches of the court order to the police on line via www.westmercia.police.uk or by calling 101.