Despite the fact that I do believe that man-made climate change is a real long-term threat, and that the results of the Covid-19 pandemic are worse than ‘a bad flu year’ (though not as bad as very bad flu years like 1918/1919), my friend David Delaney in last week’s letter does make some valid points, i.e. that we must beware of political factions making the most of both events.

The sensible reaction to the scientifically proven climate change threat is to take actions that both lessen global warming and enhance the economy – promote low carbon methods of transport, insulate buildings better, and generate electricity, energy and heat in a carbon neutral manner.

We need to invest in, promote, and give freedom to companies and research do this, whilst not infringing people’s freedom of action and movement.

Exactly the same is true of the current pandemic – how can we in the future counter these episodes, reduce resultant mortality, and still maintain maximum possible economic activity, freedom of movement and choice?

Those are the real challenges for the future – they are neither specifically ‘Right’ or ‘Left’ political choices, just the right (ie, correct) ones for our common humanity.

Malcolm Rochefort

Leinthall Starkes