A MAN has been fined after assaulting a policeman attempting to stop a drunken brawl on Hereford's Commercial Road.

Kyle Steven Preece, of Stanner, Kington, admitted assaulting an emergency worker by beating when he appeared before magistrates in Hereford on July 8.

Prosecutor Ralph Robyns-Landricombe said PC Cooke had been on foot patrol in Hereford on March 15, when he saw a scuffle in Commercial Road.

PC Cooke joined another officer trying to stop the fight, but as they attempted to handcuff one of the large number of people present, Preece struck one of the officers, saying: "That's my brother".

The 24-year-old was put on the ground by officers, where he grabbed PC Cooke's jacket, pushing it towards his throat, and grabbed the officer's hand, twisting it and causing injury.

In interview, Preece said he had been very drunk, but accepted that he had committed the offence.

Emma Thorne, for Preece, said he had been on a night out in Hereford with friends and his younger brother, and had consumed "copious amounts" of alcohol.

The group had left a city nightclub at around 3.30am when they were approached by another group, who they did not know, and a brawl broke out.

"Kyle Preece was taken away by some friends to try and calm him down, but he ran back to his brother and lay on top of him to try and protect him," Mrs Thorne said.

"He was very drunk, and he was worried for his brother. He does not have a good recollection of the incident, but he knows he did wrong."

Mrs Thorne said Preece had been under a lot of pressure before that night, putting in 70 to 80 hour weeks working for the family business.

The court heard Preece had apologised for his behaviour when taken into custody, and has taken steps to address the issues that led to his binge drinking.

Preece was also in breach of a conditional discharge imposed at an earlier date.

Magistrates fined Preece £400 and ordered him to pay compensation of £100 to PC Cooke. He must also pay costs of £185 and a £50 victim surcharge.

The conditional discharge was revoked and replaced with an additional £100 fine.