My grandfather John Arthur Cowper was born in Hereford before relocating to Swansea, and I am searching for relatives of John Arthur Cowper’s older brother William Elisha Cowper (born in St James, Herefordshire in 1884), Selina Alice Cowper (born in St James, Herefordshire in 1881), Mary Jane Cowper (born in St James, Herefordshire in 1878 and Sarah Cowper (born in Breinton in 1877).

John Arthur Cowper married Winifred Nellie Giles Lamputt in Swansea on 28 February 1929. They had a single child, my father, John William Giles Cowper on 9 June, 1955.

My parents, Marjorie and John Cowper, departed on the Braemar Castle from Southampton for destination Beira, Mozambique, and later moved to Johannesburg.

Marjorie Cowper died in 1992 and John Cowper turned 91 on 22 May, 2020.

I am searching for all living relatives to the Cowper family and have successfully created a comprehensive family tree, including all members of the Cowper family up to 1939.

If you can help me with information regarding the Cowper family please email me direct at

Martin Cowper 
South Africa