In her letter Fact Check (June 11), Fiona Thomas says 'blacks and Hispanics are no more likely to be shot (by the police) than whites in similar circumstances'.

The 'facts' she quotes are based on reports by two Americans – Roland Fryer and Candace Owens – both of whom are not the best people to rely on. 

The first has been suspended from Harvard from 2019 for two years and the second is a loyal supporter of Donald Trump.

Instead, I commend to readers David Olusoga, a British Nigerian historian, writer, presenter, film maker and professor of public history, University of Manchester. 

David Olusoga explains that people (for example, Fiona Thomas) are not listening to but dismissing black people and this is a key factor in British racism.  

David Lammy, a law maker in Tottenham, north London, led a review into black minority deaths in police custody, released 2017, and concluded that black and minority individuals "still face bias, including overt discrimination, in parts of the justice system".

As the Windrush Scandal has revealed, the Black Lives Matter campaign is not just about police violence, it is about the hostile environment and systematic prejudice and societal discrimination of people in their day-to-day lives who are not law breakers or activists.

Janette Ward Tarrington