THE welfare of cattle on a farm near Bromyard has been hugely improved as a group of farmers and reap the benefits of their teamwork.

Nominated in the Cattle Farmer of the Year category for this year Farming Awards, the team at RD Chesters in Pencombe was praised by a veterinary practice for the attention given to animal welfare.

Belmont Farm and Equine Vets said the team is made up of Owen Thomas, office manager Heather Hadley, data and record keeper Sophie Allen and herdspeople Kate Watts and Adam Perks.

Together they run a 1,200 calf-rearing beef finishing system, with a keen emphasis on reducing disease.

“The team’s collective hard work over the last few years to improve the health and welfare of the cattle on the farm has been tremendous and through their collaborative work they have seen real dividends with significantly less disease and losses on the farm,” the vets said.

“It has been brought about by a willingness for the whole team to engage and discuss the bottlenecks on the farm and together they have generated the solutions which has brought about real change and improvements in performance – a real team effort.

The aim of the awards is to raise the profile of the farming communities in the Three Counties, with a ceremony expected to be held later this year.

Awards entries are invited from across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

If you or someone you know is worthy of an award, visit to nominate.

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