OLDFIELD Forge is tucked away in the very rural location of Garway Hill.

Husband and wife team, Aaron and Nicky Heath, along with their four young children, have worked hard to put their business on the map, offering forge experience days, as well as commissions.

The Forge welcomes guests from all over the world, to come and experience life as a blacksmith, a very unique business model, even in rural Herefordshire.

When lock down took the family business over night, and Nicky and Aaron had shed their tears and stress, they decided to fight and come back stronger.

They used the time to remodel and expand, opening a new, bigger workshop and facilities.

The children mucked in amongst trying to do their home-schooling.

Nicky said: "It's been a hard battle of 7 days a week for over 12 weeks, but we feel we have come back stronger than ever.

"The forge re-opened on June 22 with covid-19 guidelines in place.

"We are so excited for the battle to help make the UK economy come back stronger than before, working with lots of local companies."

One of the new features is the impressive showroom.

In here you will find bespoke pieces made by Head Blacksmith Aaron, and you'll also find merchandise designed by Nicky.

There's a tuck shop serving hot drinks and a little something for a sweet tooth but by far the best feature to this beautiful space, is the viewing window.

You can be enjoying the comfort of the showroom, and look out on all the action of the workshop whilst taking a break.

The new workshop was picked  up and moved  into a huge shed so that  can social distancing can be maintained, whilst still having fun!

It has taken a lot of work and a lot of blood, sweat and plenty of tears, but the Heath family have finally finished it, and are so proud of their hard work and to be back, open for business.

The workshop, with its bright and breezy feel allows the forge to carry on booking in experience days with confidence in the new safety measures and guidelines.

"It's big enough to fit visitors and the team of expert forgers, allowing the enjoyment of a forge experience without having to worry about getting too close" Nicky added.

For more information please enquire at info@oldfieldforge.co.uk