A FARM specialising in rare breed meat has rapidly adapted to secure their future through coronavirus and beyond.

Sat between Goodrich and Symonds Yat, Huntsham Court Farm has been in the Vaughan family for almost 400 years, and has been owned and run by Richard Vaughan and his wife, Rosamund for the last 50.

They specialise in producing the finest rare breed meat from pedigree animals, including extremely rare middle white pigs, Longhorn cattle and Ryeland sheep, grazed on ancient water meadows on the banks of the Wye.

But the family business was quickly hit by the impact of Covid-19 as lockdown began.

“Ninety percent of our turnover was restaurants, as we supplied a third of Michelin starred restaurants in the country, but this business disappeared overnight on March 23," Rosamund said.

"Costs can’t be reduced at all and we couldn’t furlough, because the animals are still there, in our barns, needing to be fed. You can’t just close a farm.

“So we decided to convert our business, so that we supplied to private customers, rather than businesses. We have redeveloped our website, and we are supplying meat in manageable sized boxes and joints.

"Building up this business on a smaller-scale meant that we could limit the losses.”

And despite others' fears that Brexit could lead to the market being flooded with poor quality and chlorinated meat from overseas, the couple said they don't believe they will be affected by this.

“The quality of our meat is such that we are not really in competition with the low quality meat from abroad or supermarkets, though we are a little bit more expensive because of this," Rosamund said.

"So it’s not an immediate threat, as we have a wonderful team of people looking after our farm, who live locally.

“I have done various recipes for use with our meat - I have just put one up on the website for a way to cook leg of middle white suckling pig with rhubarb and ginger.”

To find out more, and to place a meat order, visit: www.huntsham.com. Alternatively, contact Richard Vaughan on 01600 890296 or richard@huntsham.com.