I had hoped that Herefordshire Council had come to their senses and listened to the advice about cutting verges to allow the wildflowers to increase and the bees and butterflies to benefit, as well as the small birds such as chiffchaff that nest near to the ground in grasses.

To my horror a council (I assume) contractor came up and down our country road and cut the verges yesterday (June 15).

This is a complete waste of money as they will need cutting again in the autumn and did not warrant a cut in the middle of June.

The seedheads of the cowslips which were showing signs of increasing have been cut as well as the seed heads of the snowdrops.

Please can the council now show some respect to the wildflowers on our country roads as well as to the cost in times when money is needed on far more important areas such as social welfare.

Charles Hunter Bacton