REOPENING OF KYRLE HOUSE PRACTICE - For almost 20 years Kyrle House has been a well known private medical practice offering a range of disciplines.

The inspiration behind the clinic was the osteopath Robert Blackburn one of very few to also work in the NHS.

This was at the Herefordshire Musculoskeletal clinic, which started in 2000, alongside Tim Holt an ex-military physiotherapist and Tim Barling a musculoskeletal-trained GP.

These three, together with a broad-based multidisciplinary group of therapists then set up the Kyrle House Practice in 2002, offering osteopathy, physiotherapy, neurophysiotherapy, massage, podiatry, nutritional advice, counselling, and interventional treatment including injections and acupuncture

The years seemed to fly by with Rob at the helm, gently guiding the ship, always linking closely with GP’s and hospital consultants, gradually evolving the Kyrle House model of affordable, high quality musculoskeletal and medical care.

Then completely out of the blue last August Rob tragically died, which was closely followed by the closure of the Practice in March this year.

The two Tim’s, Holt and Barling, didn’t need much persuasion to make a move to buy the premises and look to reignite the Kyrle House group.

And so it is planned to reopen on July 6, with many of the previous therapists on board, and evolving as others join the team.

The Practice will be fully compliant with Covid-19 safety measures.

Please telephone 01432 273234 from July 6 to arrange an appointment.

The team consisted of osteopaths, physiotherapists, a specialist neuro-physiotherapist, acupuncturist, masseuse, podiatrist, counsellor and a musculoskeletal physician carrying out injection therapies.

There was also at various times a nutritionist, a homeopath and a lymphoedema drainage specialist.

Sadly, Robert passed away last year and his family closed the practice completely in March with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

After brief deliberation Tim Holt, the senior physiotherapist in the group, and Dr Tim Barling, musculoskeletal physician, decided they couldn’t let this vibrant, popular and effective unit disappear.

So they purchased the premises and are re-opening the business as Kyrle House Practice on Monday July 6, initially for bookings, then for consultations and treatment.

The practice time will be fully compliant with Covid-19 safety measures.