THERE is a special bond between nurses and the Hereford medical supply company that is sponsoring the Good Nurse Award.

Limbco Ltd, base at Plough Lane, and its partner firm Medi UK, employ a clinical team of six nurses themselves but work very closely with nurses across the country, in hospitals, GP clinics, or community settings.

The firm provide treatments and equipment for patients suffering from diseases affecting their veins – venous disease - or with oedemas, watery build ups in cavities of the body.

Limbco are also specialists in logistics and distribution top health providers across the country.

But a key element of what they do is back-up services – including education and training for nurses.

“We have been in Hereford for more than fifty years and we felt it was important to put something back into the community,” said Limbco Mnaging Director Bruce Gardiner.

“We work a lot with nurses, and nurses are key to the business, so it was perfect that we could support the Good Nurse Award.

“What I see is that the Awards raise the awareness of our health care professionals. They do a lot of work in the background that a lot of people don’t appreciate.

“In this coronavirus crisis people can now see what they do, but for many many years they did not get the recognition they deserve.

“And during their crisis there is no better time than to pay tribute to them.”

The business that eventually became Limbco Ltd was originally set up in 1967 by Bruce’s father, Robert, who was part owner of a pharmacy in Broad Street, Hereford.

He founded STD pharmaceuticals providing treatments for varicos veins.

In 1985 the business partnered with German company Medi, who specialize in soft compression garments and firm supports for people with illnesses affecting their legs and ankles.

Together the two businesses employ 90 people, 50 of them at Hereford, providing products, back-up services and education and training, with the NHS their biggest customer.

Last August STD was sold to an American company and Limbco was born. While Limbco now focus on a treatment for excessive sweating they still heavily involved with STD as part of a three-year handover of the business.

Bruce paid tribute to his loyal staff who are working through the virus epidemic.

While the NHS is prioritizing Covid-19 cases, people with venous disease or oedemas still need help and the firm is shifting to more direct distribution to patients or community clinics.

About half his staff are currently working from home.

“I tell them we will be the last business in Hereford to shut. There are still people out there who need our treatment. We are a key supplier.

“We have to keep things going as people still need treating.”