STUDENTS who suffered sexual abuse by their peers would have been protected if recommendations from a council-funded investigation had been shared with schools.

That is what a victim of serious sexual abuse told Herefordshire Council’s children and young persons scrutiny committee this week.

The person, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote to the committee, which was due to consider a review into peer on peer abuse.

“While I was a student at a school in Herefordshire I was the subject of the most serious form of peer-on-peer sexual abuse,” they said. “I reported the incident to the police at the time. However, my school expected me to return to classes with my abuser. This was wrong.

“I wanted lessons to be learnt so that no other child should have to face their abuser in school. My parents raised these concerns on my behalf with the co uncil.

“In April 2017, the council commissioned and funded an investigation into the handling of my case, which produced a report containing clear recommendations about shielding a victim from their abuser and a proforma risk assessment to help schools keep victims safe.

“The recommendations — if implemented — would have prevented other children being put back into school with their abusers. But the council didn’t share the recommendations or risk assessment with scrutiny or schools and has just produced a report which fails to mention the clear guidance received in April 2017. Why?”

In light of the report, the committee will consider the peer on peer review at a meeting in July.