A COMPANY based in Herefordshire has been working in war-torn Yemen to clear landmines and other bombs.

SafeLane Global has dealt with explosive and hazardous material threats as it works on land and sea to make places safer as part of the firm's continued support of Project Masam in Yemen.

The project, to clear explosives and make areas safe, has been led by Dubai-based Dynasafe Middle East Project Management, with SafeLane providing equipment, insurance, international trainers and mentors.

The project, described as ground-breaking by SafeLane, will be fully funded for a third year by the Saudi government.

A total of thirty-two Yemeni clearance teams, over four hundred Yemeni nationals, including administration support staff supported by experienced technical mentors, will continue to conduct survey and clearance operations to open roads, provide access to key infrastructure, including schools, and assist the Yemeni people to return to their homes and livelihoods disrupted by the conflict.

Since 2018, Project Masam has cleared more than 10 million square metres of contaminated land and removed 54,332 landmines, 108,126 unexploded bombs and 4,901 improvised explosive devices as a result of a five-year civil war.

SafeLane added life may only return to normal in Yemen when the lethal explosive remnants of war have all been located and removed from affecting civilian life.

As an end-to-end service provider, SafeLane delivers a range of projects across the globe to counter the threat of explosive hazards; from live conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East to construction sites in Europe and the UK. It surveys, detects, identifies, protects, clears, mitigates, consults and trains to build safer communities across the globe.

It has been operational for 30 years in 60 different nations, delivered in excess of 20,000 projects and currently has over 1,000 personnel and 120 working dogs on projects across four continents.