A HEREFORDSHIRE pilot will draw a heart in the sky this evening to mark the 10th and final clap for our carers event tonight (Thursday).

The weekly initiative, which sees millions of people across the country clap to show their support for NHS, social care and other key workers, will come to and end this evening following concerns the event has become too politicised.

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A pilot from Leominster is planning to mark the final event in a unique way as he is aiming to draw a heart in the skies above Hereford.

Chris Waddington surprised people living in Hereford last Friday as they were treated to an unexpected air display. His daughter, Grace, said the heart was for her as her dad has been unable to see her since Christmas.

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He will return to the skies in his 1984 Pitts S-1S Special tonight (Thursday) at 8pm to draw a heart for all key workers, as well as his daughter.

"I wouldn't large it up, I've been practising, but I hope it looks like a heart. If I can make it look like a heart that'll be good for the NHS," Mr Waddington said.

"It's for my daughter as well who's out there in Dinedor. It's safe to do it as it's not over the city, it's over the bypass near Dinedor.

"It's the last clap for carers tonight so I just want to say thank you to them."

Mr Waddington, who's been taking part in air shows for the past five years but has had the plane for 18 years, said he was overwhelmed by the reaction last Friday.

He added he has a personal reason why he's performing the stunt in honour of carers this evening.

"My mum suffers from Alzheimers and the carers who have looked after are amazing," he said.

"I think they're amazing what they've done just recently. I just hope the heart is good enough."