HEREFORD has embraced technology during lockdown, with the second highest increase in usage of communication apps in the UK, a data has revealed.

Hereford saw a huge 118 percent increase in the use of apps such as WhatsApp and Skype on EE’s network, the provider's Mobile Network data report from February to May 2020 shows.

The report tracks the changing trends and habits of the UK’s most used apps and services throughout lockdown.

The increased use of communications apps and services across the UK has caused a shift in EE’s busiest sites, with usage moving from cities to suburban areas as the nation continues to stay at home.

Hereford's results are just behind those of Stevenage, which experienced the biggest spike, with a massive 120 percent increase in data usage for communication apps due to people working from home.

Whilst these changes are unprecedented, this is all well within the capacity of the network, an EE spokesperson said.

Central London, however, saw a large decrease of 58 percent, as much of it closed for business, with nearby residential areas climbing the list of busiest counties.

Wendy Sycamore, BT Group regional lead for the Midlands, said: “Lockdown has driven huge changes in the way customers have been using the EE mobile network, from keeping in touch with loved ones, to working from home, or staying active.

"Interestingly, there has been a massive increase in Hereford in terms of data usage for communication apps, so it’s clear that connectivity is more important than it’s ever been and people are still sharing and creating experiences with friends and family, staying connected to the things that matter to them most.”