FIREFIGHTERS have again urged people in Herefordshire to avoid having bonfires after they were called to an out-of-control bonfire late last night.

A fire service spokesperson said a crew from Hereford Fire Station was called to put out the fire in Kingsthorne at 11.09pm yesterday (May 25).

With scorching temperatures in recent days leaving Herefordshire very dry, they have renewed their appeal to avoid lighting fires if possible during lockdown.

“While we know that the current weather makes getting out in the garden very tempting, lots of the false alarms we attend are caused by bonfires,” said Group Commander Mick Cadman of the HWFRS Community Risk Department.

“Equally, bonfires can get out of control very easily. Please help us to help you, by reducing any activity that could lead to us being called out.”

Last month, Hereford and Worcester Fire Service said they had been called out to rather more incidents involving fires in the open than they would expect.

And crews across Herefordshire have certainly had a busy week.

Sharing their incident log, firefighters in Kingsland said they had been called out to an automatic fire alarm, an out of control bonfire, a plane crash, a tree that had fallen on a car, a large barn fire, and a house fire this week alone.

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Crews in other parts of the county have been called to several other incidents in the open, including fencing on fire, and trees on fire.

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