POLICE officers and fire crews have been called to a car park in Hereford, which is closed to members of the public, where travellers have set up camp.

On Saturday evening a fire was started in a car park in Symonds St, near Hereford police station. Emergency services attended the scene and the travellers have remained at the car park overnight.

It's thought they left at around 4pm on Sunday.

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service said a crew from Hereford was sent to the car park shortly after 8pm on Saturday.

A spokesperson said the travellers had lit a "large fire" in the car park earlier that evening which was brought under control by the crew.

They added: "Police were also in attendance and police and fire agreed they (the travellers) could have a fire, a small fire in the car park."

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Herefordshire Council car park has been reserved for emergency workers only.

A sign at the entrance reads: "This car park is closed to members of the public. Emergency workers parking only."