A MUM from Hereford has spoke of her horror after her family's pet cat came home after being "brutally beaten" and suffered internal injuries.

Leanne Stallard said the cat, Kovu, required treatment at the vets due to the injuries, thought to be caused by being kicked a number of times.

She said her one-year-old twin daughters adore him and the family can't understand who would beat a defenceless cat.

"We were devastated, he is a member of our family and our daughters adore him," she said.

"The thing we can't stop thinking about is everyone who knows Kovu knows he is so friendly and goes up to everyone and loves playing.

"He must of been so scared and the thought of him like that is so devastating to me and my family. He is a much-loved family pet and classed as one of our family who our daughters adore."

She added: "He has a lot of internal issues from being kicked like a football.

"The vet has said he has been kicked in the same place a few times, then the cuts under his hind are most probably from being kicked into or thrown into a wall or something with a scratchy finish."

Miss Stallard, 31, believes her Bengal cat was attacked last Wednesday evening (May 6) near the home in the Lower Bullingham area of Hereford, particularly around The Pastures and The Dales.

She said they found him crying at 1am on Thursday and is asking pet owners to be vigilant.