GRAFFITI inspired by the work of famous street artist Banksy has been catching the eye of people in Hereford.

The subversive image of two policeman kissing is on one of the concrete piers supporting the Greenway Bridge, which links Bartonsham and Rotherwas over the river Wye.

The stencilled picture is just one of several pieces of graffiti on the bridge structure, including a recently painted tribute to the NHS.

It appears to have been inspired by Banksy's Kissing Coppers, which appeared on the outside wall of the Prince Albert pub in Brighton in 2004 and became one of the artist's most famous works.

It was sold to an anonymous buyer in Miami for £345,000 in 2014.

The original had been replaced with a replica encased in perspex after being carefully removed and flown to America.

Banksy, who has always declined to reveal his full identity, began his career spray-painting buildings in Bristol.

The Greenway Bridge was opened in 2013 and was built to provide a link into the Hereford Enterprise Zone (Skylon Park), and a quicker, more environmentally friendly alternative to driving through the city.