HEREFORDSHIRE has once again made itself heard as it says "thank you" to NHS staff and careworkers across the county putting their lives at risk in the battle against coronavirus.

After an emotional rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone by staff last week, a convey of recovery trucks were also at Hereford County Hospital this evening.

As residents in other parts of the county clapped, cheered and even played musical instruments, the drivers used their horns on their trucks to make some noise for the workers on the frontline.


They were joined by NHS staff from Hereofrd County Hospital, as well as paramedics from West Midlands Ambulance Service.

In Bromyard, Hazel Martys played We Will Meet Again as well as Happy Birthday for Captain Tom Moore on her bassoon, as her neighbours in Winslow Road set of fireworks and passing cars sounded their horns.

The 100-year-old veteran celebrated his birthday today, as his fundraising for the NHS passed the £31 million mark.

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Ms Martys played Over the Rainbow with her partner's daughter, Yeva Landey, last week - also in honour of Captain Tom.

Also marking Captain Tom's birthday was Simon Addison in the Bobblestock area of Hereford, by playing the tune on his bagpipes.

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This video by Luke Smith of Wigmore paying tribute was shot last week, but it's well worth seeing: