POTATO farmers and workers at Moreton-on-Lugg have chipped in with their own tribute to front-line NHS staff and carers during the Covid-19 crisis.

While joining in with the Thursday night Clap For Our Carers the team at Brook House Farm arranged tractors and potato-planting equipment in such a way to produce a massive representation of the NHS.

A spectacular bird's eye view of the letters recorded by drone was enhanced by a rainbow – formed, unsurprisingly by potato crates.

Staged as a strong show of appreciation for the NHS and carers, the workforce at J.F. Pudge's farm duly invited Dr Malcolm Russell, who represented MARS (Mercia Accident Rescue Service), a local charity supporting the community.

Specialist trauma doctors respond on blue lights to major traumas and medical emergencies, in their own vehicles, in their own time and purely voluntarily for West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Dr Russell said: "We continue to respond throughout the Covid-19 crisis to support our ambulance service colleagues."

Founder and chairman of Herefordshire-based Prometheus Medical UK, which specialises in medical equipment, training and support, Dr Russell was awarded the MBE for his work.

"It's very moving to see so many people show their appreciation all over the country, and it was nice to be able to capture this moment at Moreton-on-Lugg, otherwise hidden from public view – and it was a very creative way of saying thank you."