TODAY, Saturday, April 25, is the grand opening of a great new venture.

You can now buy fresh, gently pasteurised whole milk at the Great Trewen Milk Shed, located at Llangrove Village Hall.

The shed will be open until 7pm, and social distancing rules apply.

Milk is available either by 1 litre or 500ml. A litre is £1.20 and 500ml is 60 pence.

The machine accepts coins and card, and recyclable glass bottles will be available for purchase.

The milk for Great Trewen Milk Shed comes from Great Trewen Farm, which is a family run dairy farm in the small hamlet of Trewen, just outside the village of Llangrove, Herefordshire.

The farm has been in the family for more than 50 years, with three generations working together.

The fourth generation made an appearance in 2018, and are looking to making sure the farm is sustainable.

A mixed herd of 140 cows allows them to provide fresh milk all year round.