FOR a fourth consecutive week, Herefordshire residents lined their streets to show their appreciation to those who continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Across the county people once again clapped, cheers, banged saucepans and even played musical instruments as part of the nationwide #ClapForOurCarers campaign.

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As Herefordshire enters its fourth week of lockdown, residents carry on taking part in the simple, but moving, event at 8pm every Thursday.

Whether it was making noise on their doorstep or on the pavements outside their homes, the county to thank all the key workers who relentlessly tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

At Hereford County Hospital, West Midlands Ambulance Service paramedics lined up outside the building to show their solidarity with those tackling the virus inside. Police and fire crews across the county also joined in.


Hereford Times:

Of those to take to social media shortly after 8pm this evening to share their videos, pictures and comments, was Pete Johnson in Ross-on-Wye.

He filmed his neighbour, Des, playing somewhere over the rainbow on his trumpet.

As well as a trumpet, Hereford Times Camera Club member Lou Atkinson filmed a man playing the bagpipes in Sandown Drive, in the Bobblestock area of Hereford.

Liz Fishpool said: "We in Upton Bishop were outside clapping, car horns, saucepans, recycling bins etc, we are doing it every Thursday night."

Jane Denny said: "Stanhope Street, Hereford was out in force and are every Thursday at 8pm."

Sophie M Hare added: "Lucton hasn’t got many residents but they were out with pots and pans making enough noise for everyone. Proud to be a carer."

Gill Higgins said: "We did on the Furlongs Estate (Hereford). Car horns, saucepans being banged, I was banging my bin lid for all key workers."

Last Thursday police officers were pictured standing outside Hereford County Hospital showing their respect to their colleagues in the public sector, and they were out and about in Hereford again this evening.

Other emergency services to get invovled were firefighters in Presteigne and Peterchurch.