FOR a third consecutive week, Herefordshire clapped for its carers at 8pm this evening, with police officers and fire crews joining in.

West Mercia Police officers lined up at Hereford County Hospital and applauded staff working inside the building at the centre of the county's battle against coronavirus.

In a moving picture captured by Hereford Times Camera Club member Sue Moody, more than a dozen officers paused for a couple of minutes to show their appreciation.

Sue said: "So proud and moved this evening at 8pm. Police and paramedics outside Hereford County Hospital. Well done everyone."

Live coronavirus updates for Herefordshire

Commenting on the picture, Ade Radnor said: "Well deserved, you're all doing a fantastic job. Brought the true spirit out in everyone. Feeling very proud of you all."

In a tweet, Wye Valley NHS Trust thanked the county for its support.

Firefighters in Presteigne also stopped to join the national #ClapForOurCarers initiative, which has been held at 8pm every Thursday for the past three weeks.


In Bromyard, firefighters dressed their dummy horse, used for training exercises, in a rainbow.

Rainbows have been widely used around the country for people who have wanted to show solidarity with workers on the front line.


The video, at the top of the article, shows firefighters standing by the fire engines clapping to show their solidarity with their colleagues in the emergency services.

Claps, cheers and the banging of saucepans could also be heard from people standing on their doorsteps, on the street and from their windows.

It was much the same in Kington, where residents on one street were recorded making noise for the NHS.

Llewellin Road residents also clapped and cheered to show their support to the people tirelessly working around the county, and the rest of the UK.

In Bobblestock, Hereford, Simon the Piper paid his own special tribute (see video).

Hereford Times:

Herefordshire residents have also shown their support in other ways, like Kelly and Maisie in Hereford.

Jay Strange said the sign, outside of a house on Pencroft Road, was "amazing" and showed "community spirit is real".

At Ledbury fire station, retained firefighters showed their support by standing smarting by their fire engines with blue lights flashing as applause rippled through the town.